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Soweto Choir

(July 6th, 2009)

Those who work with HIV/AIDS patients deal with significant stress. In South Africa, AIDS workers gets together to sing on a weekly basis to mitigate some of that tension.

Reporting in the Soweto Township of South Africa, Gretchen Wilson brings this story, which won a 2008 Gabriel Award recognizing broadcasting excellence in the category of “Short Feature – National Release.”

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The Good Health Train

(July 6th, 2009)

Fifteen years after apartheid, South Africa is still in many ways a divided nation. Though the country’s private health care system is similar to what we have in the U.S., it remains expensive and out of reach for most South Africans, especially those who are poor, black or live in rural communities.

Gretchen Wilson reports from the small town of Kroonstad, where an innovative solution tries to bridge this gap by bringing quality health care by train.

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Fake Malaria Drugs

(April 18th, 2009)

Malaria is endemic in Tanzania. Infection rates in the East African nation of 38 million are among the world’s highest.

Malaria is relatively easy to treat –- and drugs are available. But in Tanzania, and in much of the developing world, there’s an obstacle: counterfeit drugs. Counterfeiting malaria and other pharmaceuticals is a growing business worldwide. And, as Gretchen Wilson reports from Dar es Salaam, people with malaria often fall victim to these predators.

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Staying positive amid violence

(June 22nd, 2008)

Last month, groups of South Africans attacked poor immigrants from other African countries who had fled to South Africa to escape war or economic hardship in their home countries. The locals blamed the migrants for taking away jobs and housing, and for an increase in crime. At least 65 immigrants were killed in the violence. Hundreds more were injured. Small businesses were looted, and shacks were torched. As many as 80 thousand immigrants fled their homes.

Reporter Gretchen Wilson was in Johannesburg at the time and offers a Reporter’s Notebook on something she did not expect to see — people helping people.

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Darfur’s Camel Traders

(August 5th, 2007)

One profession that has managed to avoid much of the bloodshed in war-torn Sudan is camel trading. Camel traders spend much of the year traveling from one part of Sudan to another — along ancient migration routes traveled by their ancestors for centuries. They pass through the calmer areas of the Darfur region where violence […]

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