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Market access isn’t only hurdle for Africa’s small-scale farmers

(September 26th, 2012)

From CENTER FOR INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING: Today on American Public Media’s Marketplace, I explore whether the rapid expansion of supermarket chains across sub-Saharan Africa is an opportunity or a curse for the continent’s small-scale farmers. I had done a little research before I headed out to Zambia, Lesotho and South Africa to report this story, and […]

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Supermarket sweepstakes: Africa’s small farmers encounter the modern grocery store

(September 26th, 2012)

Listen to this story Supermarket chains are jockeying to serve millions of new customers in the developing world, including Africa. This year Walmart finalized a merger with a major African retailer. The supermarket juggernaut could be an opportunity, or a curse, for the continent’s tens of millions of struggling small farmers. At the Bauleni outdoor […]

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Four wounded in African gold mine protest

(September 4th, 2012)

Listen to this story There has been another shooting at a mine in South Africa. Four people were wounded this time, just weeks after 34 striking workers were killed at another South African mine. The incident occurred just to the east of Johannesburg. Four miners were injured when security guards opened fire with rubber bullets […]

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Demand for metals may be root of South African workers’ unrest

(August 17th, 2012)

      Listen to this story Kai Ryssdal: In South Africa today, authorities are trying to figure out what happened at a platinum mine outside Pretoria — 34 people were killed, 80 injured, after police opened fire on a group of workers striking for higher wages. From Johannesburg, Gretchen Wilson explains platinum prices are […]

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Strike at South Africa mine turns deadly

(August 17th, 2012)

      Listen to this story Jeremy Hobson: To South Africa, where 34 workers have been killed by police at the platinum mine; 78 were wounded. The workers were striking — and some were armed — when police charged in. For the latest, here’s reporter Gretchen Wilson  in Johannesburg. Gretchen Wilson: Police say they […]

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Sectarian strife roils Nigeria amid strike

(January 10th, 2012)

An attack targeting Muslims leaves one dead in Nigeria’s largely Christian south. A nationwide strike over the end of fuel subsidies continues for a second day. January 10, 2012|By Gretchen L. Wilson and Victor Okhai, Los Angeles Times Reporting from Johannesburg, South Africa, and — Unrest continued to spread across Nigeria on Tuesday amid new […]

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Rhino hunt in South Africa sparks debate

(January 8th, 2012)

Some conservationists say auctioning off a single permit helps protect the animals; others say none should be killed. Meanwhile, poaching is booming. January 08, 2012|By Gretchen L. Wilson, Los Angeles Times Reporting from Johannesburg — Animal rights activists are challenging a decision by South African conservation authorities to auction off a permit to hunt a […]

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Nations strive to reach Millennium Goals

(September 22nd, 2010)

World leaders in New York are reviewing the progress of the so-called Millennium Development Goals, a set of concrete goals most countries agreed to at the end of the 90s aimed at improving the quality of life for billions. But the deal was signed before the global financial crisis hit. Gretchen Wilson reports.

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Mozambique to stop bread price hike

(September 8th, 2010)

Consumers in Mozambique are celebrating after their government said it would cancel a scheduled price increase for rolls of bread. That initial announcement led to riots. Reporter Gretchen Wilson talks with Steve Chiotakis about why this is a big deal for the southern African nation and whether the demonstrations could start again.

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Zuma Seeks Investment Amid Strikes

(August 24th, 2010)

South African President Jacob Zuma is in China to sign some key free trade deals. But back home, his country’s workers are on strike. Reporter Gretchen Wilson talks the details with Steve Chiotakis.

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