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Child Trafficking in South Africa

(October 27th, 2008)

Human trafficking is one of the biggest criminal industries in the world — fast outpacing illicit trade in drugs and arms. Child trafficking — recruiting and transporting kids to work effectively as indentured laborers — continues despite international campaigns to stop the practice. In Africa, South Africa is a main destination. Correspondent Gretchen Wilson visits one of South Africa’s border region, and speaks to one child who escaped.

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South Africans march against violence

(May 30th, 2008)

African immigrants have been attacked in some South African neighborhoods in a recent wave of xenophobic violence. But now some South Africans have organized marches against the attacks. Gretchen Wilson reports from Johannesburg.

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Despite Western Pressure, Mbeki Keeps Quiet on Zimbabwe

(April 26th, 2007)

Gretchen Wilson examines the growing frustration among human rights groups and Western countries with South Africa’s President Thabo Mbeki. He is expected to put pressure on Zimbabwe’s leader Robert Mugabe over human rights violations, but so far Mbeki has done little.

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