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Soweto Choir

(July 6th, 2009)

Those who work with HIV/AIDS patients deal with significant stress. In South Africa, AIDS workers gets together to sing on a weekly basis to mitigate some of that tension.

Reporting in the Soweto Township of South Africa, Gretchen Wilson brings this story, which won a 2008 Gabriel Award recognizing broadcasting excellence in the category of “Short Feature – National Release.”

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A world of opportunity for South Africa

(August 21st, 2008)

South Africa is busy building up its infrastructure in preparation for the 2010 World Cup. The tournament will pump about $3 billion into the economy and create about 200,000 jobs. Gretchen Wilson has more.

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From shanty town to shopping mall

(July 18th, 2008)

In South Africa, a part of town infamous for its politics and activism is being transformed into a retail mecca — and residents are buying it up. Gretchen Wilson reports.

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Soweto workers get a sweet ride

(October 3rd, 2007)

For many residents of Soweto on the outskirts of Johannesburg, the work place is in the city. And thanks to the Soweto Business Express, the commute is plush with middle-class comforts new to local train culture. Gretchen Wilson has the story.

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Cell phone banking in Soweto

(June 16th, 2006)

In the 12 years since apartheid ended, Soweto has been transformed. The country even leads the world in some major technological realms.

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Informal Traders

(November 24th, 2005)

Every Friday and Saturday, you can find 25-year-old Brian Mbokazi marketing his goods in the heart of Soweto. Mbokazi and his friend Victor Kheswa sell goats and sheep for slaughter from a kraal in a dusty clearing just off Potchefstroom Road, commonly known as “Old Potch.” It’s in full view of taxis packed with commuters. […]

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