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Culture Shock for New Refugees

(May 11th, 2007)

Tens of thousands of Somalis have fled their warring nation for the safety of Kenyan refugee camps, but the influx has strained resources at the camps and they’re finding that life isn’t easy there either. Gretchen Wilson brings us their story.

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An economy grows among Somali Refugees

(February 27th, 2007)

Just inside Kenya’s border with Somalia, some 170,000 Somalis live in refugee camps, waiting for peace in their homeland. In the camps, people balance dependence on aid with grassroots economic development. Gretchen Wilson reports.

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Somalia turmoil spills into South Africa

(December 8th, 2006)

Somali refugees who have fled the violence in their country have setled in South Afrca. They’ve set up shops in townships, competing with local business. And that’s spurred new violence.

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