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Xenophobia only hurts South Africa

(June 3rd, 2008)

South Africa’s economy relies on as many as 5 million foreign nationals. But when mobs attacked these foreigners last month, more than 50,000 of the migrants fled. Gretchen Wilson reports how that could hurt the country.

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An ‘Africa 101′ for U.S. businesses

(June 2nd, 2008)

Some prominent African-Americans and representatives from major U.S. companies have journeyed to Africa for a summit to help lift the world’s poorest continent. Gretchen Wilson reports on the meeting’s educational benefits.

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Violence spurs humanitarian crisis

(May 30th, 2008)

Anti-immigrant violence in South Africa has forced tens of thousands from their homes and could have a long-lasting economic impact on the region. Gretchen Wilson reports from outside Johannesburg.

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Violence harms South African economy

(May 26th, 2008)

Recent violence in South Africa has killed at least 50 immigrants and made thousands flee their homes. Gretchen Wilson reports how this could affect the country’s economy, which thrives on its immigrant population.

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Impasse prolongs Zimbabwe’s pain

(April 18th, 2008)

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is being blamed by his opposition and economists for the collapse of what was once southern Africa’s breadbasket. And the nation’s current political impasse is only prolonging its pain. Gretchen Wilson reports.

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Zimbabwe’s new ‘empowerment’ law

(March 11th, 2008)

Listen to this story TEXT OF STORY Scott Jagow: The presidential candidates may find it daunting to come up with an economic plan people will embrace. Imagine if they were running for president in Zimbabwe. Inflation there is more than 100,000 percent. The incumbent, Robert Mugabe, is pushing a campaign theme of “economic empowerment.” He […]

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LESOTHO: Anti-Chinese resentment flares

(January 24th, 2008)

Anti-Chinese sentiment is on the rise in Lesotho, making it the latest site of such ethnic hostilities in Africa. A growing number of Basotho blame Chinese immigrants for the ongoing poverty of the small landlocked country, which has few natural resources and depends heavily on remittances from workers in its giant neighbour, South Africa.

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South Africa pulls the plug

(January 21st, 2008)

South Africa’s been in the grip of a serious power shortage lately, thanks to local demand exceeding supply. Gretchen Wilson reports the country is cutting supply for some other countries sucking power to keep up.

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Fighting inflation with mega-currency

(January 17th, 2008)

Because of runaway inflation, it takes thousands of bills to buy even the most basic items in Zimbabwe. The government is now circulating notes up to 10 million. Scott Jagow talks with correspondent Gretchen Wilson.

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Anti-Chinese Sentiment on Rise in Lesotho

(January 15th, 2008)

A growing class of Chinese entrepreneurs is running small businesses in Africa. And Lesotho, one of the poorest countries in the world, has become a flash point for new tensions between local Africans and Chinese businesspeople. Gretchen Wilson reports.

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