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Africa’s Price for U.S. Aid

(February 18th, 2008)

President Bush is visiting Africa and signing an aid package worth nearly $700 million. Doug Krizner talks to Gretchen Wilson in Johannesburg, South Africa about the conditions African countries meet for U.S. aid.

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U.S. Africa Command Sparks Skepticism

(February 15th, 2008)

On his current trip to Africa, President Bush is scheduled to address the U.S. Africa Command, or AFRICOM, a new facility said to be for peacekeeping and anti-terrorism training. But many worry it’s part of a plan to control the continent’s oil resources. Gretchen Wilson reports.

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Considering a ‘United States of Africa’

(February 1st, 2008)

Members of the African Union are considering a confederation of the continent into something similar to the E.U. Gretchen Wilson reports whether the idea is a realistic one with 53 countries on board.

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Kenya turmoil’s impact felt across region

(January 4th, 2008)

The turmoil in Kenya has subsided but it is still sending economic ripples across East Africa. Correspondent Gretchen Wilson is monitoring the situation. She spoke with host Bob Moon.

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Open trade draws U.S. oil to Libya

(December 11th, 2007)

Libya’s multibillion-dollar deal with France is just one example of how the country is beginning to actively trade with Western countries. Gretchen Wilson reports U.S. oil firms are expectedly attracted.

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Africa’s resources get global attention

(November 15th, 2007)

Finance leaders from industrialized and major emerging economies are converging on Cape Town, South Africa for meetings of the Group of Twenty, or G-20. Gretchen Wilson reports that Africa is getting more notice thanks to a strain on global resources.

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Oil price balancing act

(August 29th, 2007)

Oil-consuming countries want OPEC to put more oil on the market to drive down prices. OPEC really has no interest in that and is quick to point out that refinery constraints in places like the U.S. are the real stopgap. Gretchen Wilson fills us in.

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Sudan’s Underground Conflict

(May 16th, 2007)

Wars in Sudan have almost always been over scarce resources above ground. Gretchen Wilson reports there’s a much quieter and more fundamental conflict developing for what may or may not lie beneath.

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Actions and motivations in Darfur debate

(November 24th, 2006)

The United States contends the African Union is too weak to halt atrocities in Darfur and the U.N. should step in. But some wonder whether the U.S. isn’t more concerned about its business interests there.

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