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U.N. plan helps poor get home loans

(April 3rd, 2009)

A new plan from the United Nations’ housing agency may help the poor get home loans. Gretchen Wilson reports on how the program may work.

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U.S. Africa Command Sparks Skepticism

(February 15th, 2008)

On his current trip to Africa, President Bush is scheduled to address the U.S. Africa Command, or AFRICOM, a new facility said to be for peacekeeping and anti-terrorism training. But many worry it’s part of a plan to control the continent’s oil resources. Gretchen Wilson reports.

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Kenyans seek food, shelter in crisis

(January 7th, 2008)

The violence in Kenya has uprooted a quarter of a million people, and the U.N. is rushing provisions to the country to combat hunger and malaria. Gretchen Wilson reports Kenyans also face an identity crisis.

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Kenya turmoil’s impact felt across region

(January 4th, 2008)

The turmoil in Kenya has subsided but it is still sending economic ripples across East Africa. Correspondent Gretchen Wilson is monitoring the situation. She spoke with host Bob Moon.

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Violence closing Kenya for business

(January 4th, 2008)

Kenya’s unrest has resulted in a temporary close of its stock market, looted stores and significantly reduced trade. Gretchen Wilson reports on the economic damage from the violence.

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Character-based Loans Grow in Kenya

(May 16th, 2007)

Microlending is having a major impact in Kenya, sparking as many as 40,000 small businesses as its poorest residents take advantage of the new opportunity. And with reputations on the line, the payback rate is outstanding, Gretchen Wilson reports.

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Culture Shock for New Refugees

(May 11th, 2007)

Tens of thousands of Somalis have fled their warring nation for the safety of Kenyan refugee camps, but the influx has strained resources at the camps and they’re finding that life isn’t easy there either. Gretchen Wilson brings us their story.

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Kenya’s farmers connect to better prices

(February 19th, 2007)

Africa’s small farmers often fall victim to local traders who dictate prices below market rates. But in rural Kenya farmers now have technology in hand that cuts out the middleman. Gretchen Wilson reports.

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Climate change talks kick off in Kenya

(November 15th, 2006)

Delegates from around the world are meeting in Nairobi. Climate change advocates will be watching the U.S. closely for any sign of an olive branch. They say people’s livelihoods are at stake, especially in the developing world.

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