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Trust in poor communities builds profits

(May 11th, 2010)

In the developing world, the key innovation for marketing soda can be as simple as letting customers grab their own bottle. Gretchen Wilson explains.

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The Good Health Train

(July 6th, 2009)

Fifteen years after apartheid, South Africa is still in many ways a divided nation. Though the country’s private health care system is similar to what we have in the U.S., it remains expensive and out of reach for most South Africans, especially those who are poor, black or live in rural communities.

Gretchen Wilson reports from the small town of Kroonstad, where an innovative solution tries to bridge this gap by bringing quality health care by train.

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Translation software opens up doors

(January 14th, 2009)

For people living in developing countries, it can be difficult learning how to use technology when the language can’t be understood. But with new translation software becoming available, a whole new world of technology is opening up. Gretchen Wilson reports.

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Affordable green computers to Uganda

(June 12th, 2008)

Microsoft is working with the U.N. to donate three to four-year-old computers to an upstart company in Uganda to get affordable machines to businesses. Gretchen Wilson reports on the computer restoration efforts.

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Seeking bright ideas for Africa

(September 10th, 2007)

The World Bank is offering grants to those who can come up with low-cost alternative light sources for Africa, which spends billions of dollars a year on unsafe non-electrical lighting. Gretchen Wilson has more.

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