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U.N. plan helps poor get home loans

(April 3rd, 2009)

A new plan from the United Nations’ housing agency may help the poor get home loans. Gretchen Wilson reports on how the program may work.

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Staying positive amid violence

(June 22nd, 2008)

Last month, groups of South Africans attacked poor immigrants from other African countries who had fled to South Africa to escape war or economic hardship in their home countries. The locals blamed the migrants for taking away jobs and housing, and for an increase in crime. At least 65 immigrants were killed in the violence. Hundreds more were injured. Small businesses were looted, and shacks were torched. As many as 80 thousand immigrants fled their homes.

Reporter Gretchen Wilson was in Johannesburg at the time and offers a Reporter’s Notebook on something she did not expect to see — people helping people.

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