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Charcoal use burns up Africa’s forests

(March 11th, 2009)

Many African businesses and homes use charcoal for heating and cooking. But producing the long-burning fuel could be warming the rest of the world. Gretchen Wilson reports.

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Seeking bright ideas for Africa

(September 10th, 2007)

The World Bank is offering grants to those who can come up with low-cost alternative light sources for Africa, which spends billions of dollars a year on unsafe non-electrical lighting. Gretchen Wilson has more.

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Sudan’s Underground Conflict

(May 16th, 2007)

Wars in Sudan have almost always been over scarce resources above ground. Gretchen Wilson reports there’s a much quieter and more fundamental conflict developing for what may or may not lie beneath.

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Climate change talks kick off in Kenya

(November 15th, 2006)

Delegates from around the world are meeting in Nairobi. Climate change advocates will be watching the U.S. closely for any sign of an olive branch. They say people’s livelihoods are at stake, especially in the developing world.

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