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Rhino hunt in South Africa sparks debate

(January 8th, 2012)

Some conservationists say auctioning off a single permit helps protect the animals; others say none should be killed. Meanwhile, poaching is booming. January 08, 2012|By Gretchen L. Wilson, Los Angeles Times Reporting from Johannesburg — Animal rights activists are challenging a decision by South African conservation authorities to auction off a permit to hunt a […]

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Zuma Seeks Investment Amid Strikes

(August 24th, 2010)

South African President Jacob Zuma is in China to sign some key free trade deals. But back home, his country’s workers are on strike. Reporter Gretchen Wilson talks the details with Steve Chiotakis.

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African art that’s Made in China

(February 27th, 2009)

African craft artists pump about $300 million to the economy. But the locals are finding it tougher to compete with factories in China making replicas of their crafts. Gretchen Wilson explores how this is a form of identity theft.

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Tanzania pays price for cheap knockoffs

(February 13th, 2009)

Manufacturers are capitalizing on the demand residents in developing countries have for modern amenities. China is exporting fake merchandise to Tanzania to make a quick buck. As Gretchen Wilson reports, these cheap goods come with huge long-term costs.

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Angolans vote for first time in 16 years

(September 5th, 2008)

Today’s election in Angola is significant worldwide because the African nation — in peace after a decades-long war — has major stores of oil, gems and metals. Gretchen Wilson reports.

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Investing in Zimbabwe

(June 27th, 2008)

Political tension and astronomical inflation have taken a toll on Zimbabwe’s economy, but some investors see opportunity amid the turmoil. Gretchen Wilson reports.

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Arms may be headed to Zimbabwe

(April 17th, 2008)

Zimbabwe election results remain under wraps, but today a new twist in the troubled nation’s saga: South African officials confirm a Chinese ship carrying arms has been cleared through South African customs. Gretchen Wilson reports.

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China Speaks Out on Darfur

(February 20th, 2008)

Pledging $100 million to Darfur peace efforts, President Bush noted human suffering should preempt commercial interests. Gretchen Wilson reports what China is saying and that the country is calling on the West to do more.

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Africa’s Price for U.S. Aid

(February 18th, 2008)

President Bush is visiting Africa and signing an aid package worth nearly $700 million. Doug Krizner talks to Gretchen Wilson in Johannesburg, South Africa about the conditions African countries meet for U.S. aid.

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U.S. Africa Command Sparks Skepticism

(February 15th, 2008)

On his current trip to Africa, President Bush is scheduled to address the U.S. Africa Command, or AFRICOM, a new facility said to be for peacekeeping and anti-terrorism training. But many worry it’s part of a plan to control the continent’s oil resources. Gretchen Wilson reports.

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