Thanks for clicking through to my website via Twitter.

This landing page is especially for you. You may be curious about me or my work — so please explore the site. But if you want to know more about @glwn and what kind of Twitter user I am, please read on.

Here’s how I use Twitter:

I’m a journalist and author based in Johannesburg, South Africa. So I listen to what others are thinking and talking about. I follow some wonderful people and news sources.

I usually tweet between 0-5 times a day. I tend to ask questions or share things I see, read, or hear about Africa, South Africa, or issues affecting women and the poor.

  • Real-time links of latest news from Africa, often with commentary
  • Things I’m reading that offer creative solutions to deeply-entrenched social issues
  • Reflections after an interesting interview or briefing
  • Things I find surprising, funny or absurd

I’m originally from the United States, so I sometimes tweet on U.S. foreign policy, particularly with regard to African issues.

I love to engage with other users on Twitter, so please share your thoughts or ask questions. I like to move longer conversations to DM or email.

Here’s how I don’t use Twitter:

  • I try not to fill your newsfeed with a string of random RTs without commentary.
  • I rarely share the quotidian: that I’m going to bed now, that I am stuck in traffic, that I found my watch.
  • I’m no expert on celebrities or insider politics. So I’ll leave that kind of commentary to others who do it well.

OK, so that’s me. I hope to connect with you on Twitter – @glwn. Let me know how you use it.